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Brain Training for everyone

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What Is NeuroOptimal?

The brain responds to ‘information’ on a conscious and nonconscious manner, and typically without any assistance. We have the ability for complex processing, and this is typically determined by how efficiently it functions as a self-organizing dynamical and transformational system. We find most tasks like breathing, eating, and digestion are ultimately performed without our focused attention! Once we have learned a task such as reading, writing, riding a bike, and even driving, we rarely think about how we do it again. We have the ability to smoothly move from task to task in a seamless, flexible, and resilient way.  When we are able to constantly make decisions and respond without concern, we are using an optimal brain. Neurofeedback gives us an opportunity to receive operational ‘information’ (feedback) and our brain will learn from this information. It is a specialized and advanced form of feedback that gives information back to you about the activity of the brain as it is occurring. The electrical activity generated by the central nervous system (CNS) processing can be detected by sensors placed on the scalp and displayed on a monitor in real-time. This is called the electroencephalograph (EEG). Neurofeedback (NF) has also benefited recently from significant advances in technology.


Who Uses Nuerofeedback?


Neurofeedback is widely used by top tier organizations and individuals who want to improve physical and mental performance, such as athletes, professional Trainers, businesspeople, musicians, performers, and students. Neurofeedback is a tool that is used in schools, mental health facilities, and by general health care professionals.

People who have ongoing interaction with each other can greatly benefit from using NeurOptimal®. As each person in the group advances with their training, they tend to notice a shift in the dynamics and harmony of the group. People get along better, there are fewer outbursts and communication is clearer between the members.

Employees are the most important attribute to a company’s success. By aiding longevity in the work environment, a Trainer can help companies achieve new heights by rendering their best assets — their employees — at their best. Optimal nutrition and high efficiency brains are the cornerstone to executive performance. Fighting off stress, thinking clearly, being productive, and having clear focus is crucial for anyone on a team, especially CEOs, CFOs, and all other upper management employees. Without clarity at work, efficiency suffers and eventually is reflected in productivity levels as well as interactions between team members.

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So, How Fast Can I see shifts
and/or a change?


47% of trainers said they expected to see shifts in 1-5 sessions

48% said by 6-10 sessions.

Significant positive change was expected by sessions 11-20 for 45% of trainers,

while 39% expected it earlier – by 6-10 sessions. 3

5% said they felt comfortable that the change was both significant and lasting by sessions 11-20,

and 30% said by sessions 21-30.

What issues is NuerOptimal particularly effective in helping?

 1. Sleep, ADD, ADHD, focus, concentration,                    attention,

2. Anxiety 

3. Stress, stress related issues, relaxation, tension 4. Depression

5. PTSD, trauma

6. Migraines, headaches

7. Fibromyalgia, chronic pain, general well-being,          burnout   

8. Autisim, anger, addiction, eating disorders,                 mood swings PMS, & menopause

And Much Much More

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What Does a Session
Look Like?


  1. Before the first NeurOptimal® Session, you will fill out a brief questionnaire describing how you are feeling and what you wish to achieve in coming to your training Sessions.

  2. You will be seated in a comfortable chair facing a computer monitor if you wish.

  3. Two sensors are placed on the scalp and another three are placed on the ears.

  4. Earbuds are then placed in your ears so that you can easily hear the music.

  5. Once the training begins, you will hear the music with very brief, occasional interruptions and you can watch a random visualization on a monitor if you wish.

The movement we see is called an electrical signal, electro-magnetic or sometimes called brain activity

•How do we measure that signal?

•Through sensors on the scalp with conductive paste

•zAmp–amplifies the electrical signal and turns it from an analogue signal into a digital signal

•All you do is sit there and relax, listen to the music, watch the screen (if you want) close you eyes if you would rather, read, or fall asleep!

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The brain is in constant movement &
never repeats the same electrical pattern

Because every brain is unique every brain is different and is forever changing, learning, and adapting moment to moment.

Therefore, each brain is different at any given moment.

We become rigid in our thoughts and deeds, 

NeurOptimal® will train flexibility and resilience.

 The brain will adjust and find a new place of internal comfort

Where Can I Get Brain Training?
And What's the cost?



Brain training can be done by appointment in Sullivan, Ohio 44880 or in the comfort of your home or business. All that’s needed is a quiet place to be able to set up and allow the training to take place.

Our goal is to make it easy and convenient for you to get the results you need.


(Per Person & Session)

Each session in Sullivan……………… $100

In home or place of business…….. $120

Ask about daily & Package rates for business’ or buying a package for your family brain training.

Daily, Weekly & Monthly rentals NOW available. Contact us for pricing.

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