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Why Partner with Us?

We don't just sell oils. We make friends and  teach them how to use essential oils safely and effectively. Then we give support as long as you need us.

#1 Support- We will support you for a business or for you and your family

#2 Education- We will make sure you not only get the right oils but know how to use them safely.

​​#3 Experience- We have bee using essential oils for about years to clean with and doTERRA for our health

#4 We are more then just an introduction to doTERRA. We are a friend you can rely on to help every step.

#5 We keep things real. We tend to tell it how it is. And why not We're people just like you.

#6 doTERRA has the best essential oils. (see below for why we think so below)

    Now ask yourself these questions

Do you tell everyone when you find something that works about what you found?

What if you found something that helped improve your health or helped cut down the number of doctors visits you have each year?

What if that something saved you money?

Are you happy with what you are doing?

Would you like to do something new and different?

Do you like to help people?

Would you like to supplement or even replace your income?

Do you want more time to spend with your family?

If you answered yes to more then a couple of these you might want to consider doTERRA as a business.
Then click here for my doTERRA site for more info or email us at

A Word About Quality

Here are just a few of the reasons we LOVE doTERRA

This is one of the most vital things you must know about essential oils… Not all essential oils are created equally. Please research before buying. Always  make sure the essential oils make are certified pure grade.

If you want to order the brand I trust and personally use, Then click my doTERRA site for more info or email us at to  learn more & how to get them. :) 

About doTERRA Essential Oils
DoTERRA essential oils are pure and potent

We started with a cheaper brand of essential oils and we/you will smell the difference between our doTERRA essential oils and other brands.  The difference in smell alone is amazing. And that’s just the beginning. Every batch is tested and they allow us to see the results of how our bottle tested. Clearly doTERRA wants us to know.

DoTERRA is a hands on company and works with the local communities to distill its oils from plants that have been patiently harvested at the perfect moment by experienced growers from around the world for ideal extract composition and purity.

Each and every essential oil is also carefully and thoroughly tested to ensure we get the best possible essential oil.

Essential oils are Convenient and versatile
The 10 most popular essential oils that come in most kits are easy, safe and effective solutions to support your body in so many ways. Immune support … brain health … better sleep …. providing comfort … relief from seasonal or environmental discomforts. There’s really nothing I don’t use my essential oils for! We use them for everything. We have even not filled prescriptions and used oils at a fraction of the cost. Natural and cheaper.

Defiantly a Win Win for us.

It’s really amazing how each oil can have dozens of uses -- from personal care to wellness to household uses. We have replaced over 18 products in our home with doTERRA.

doTERRA has amazing support for its growers and their communities 
Another really great thing is the heart dōTERRA has for helping to communities they source their oils from.  They care about the people and the plants working hard with the growers to find the area (usually the native area) and best practices for sustainable harvests and income for the farmers.  This is called Co-Impact Sourcing. (Click for a short video on co-Impact Sourcing) It's sad that so often small growers are at the mercy of middlemen brokers who pay them very, very little for their oils. DoTERRA works directly with the growers to form their own co-ops, providing stable pricing and more jobs with higher pay.  They also pitch in to improve lives by digging wells and building schools, clinics and homes. 

We absolutely cannot say enough for how much this company cares about its people from the growers to its consumers and everyone in between.

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